Glocal Logistics Web Limited (GLW) is a worldwide network.
* GLW is the most qualified logistics network
* Our highly selective worldwide members are located in 85 cities in 53 countries
* The right number of GLW members are partners rather than competitors

Business Objectives: Increase your company profits and explore the markets you have not reached.  The right number of GLW members provides a very family-like network atmosphere. They are the most qualified and trustworthy members, and are partners to each other rather than competitors.

Conferences: Conferences organized by GLW bring "glocal" qualified and registered forwarding and logistics companies together to offer mutual business and friendship developments through face to face formal and informal meetings.  Our conference participants always have sufficient time to learn other partners in-depth during our well-planned One-to-One Schedule.  Never feel rushed.

GLW has been increasingly invited to co-host events and conferences with other logistics associations in different world cities.  This is our honor that helps our members maximize their business opportunities. Our members always get the best rate to attend these events and conferences.  Each well-chosen location offers the best benefits and opportunities for both business and pleasure.

Office & GLW Staffs: Our office is located in Hong Kong which is a gateway city to Asia and is also a globally connected metropolitan city. Our enthusiastic and friendly staffs provide efficient and professional services to meet members' needs.  Personal touch service is GLW’s motto.

Communications & Member Services: Our monthly newsletter provides members useful information and current developments in the businesses, and our updated member contact list is available in various formats for convenient access all over the world.  GLW responds to your requests promptly and professionally.

GLW vibrant website is user-friendly.  The well-designed GLW website is ideal to promote our members’ businesses. Needed information and developments in the logistics world is in easy reach. 

Other Services: GLW offers members other useful and greatly needed services: advertising and marketing for your company, assistance for business and travel visa application, consultation, brochure design and printing and so on. Please contact us for the details and the affordable rates by following this link.

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