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Glocal Logistics Web Limited (GLW) eNewsletter (Feb 2017)

Dear Members/Friends,

First of all, GLW wishes you all Good Luck, Good Health, Lasting Prosperity!



  5th GLW International Freight & Logistics Conference + GLW 5th Anniversary Party

(01Jun to 03Jun, 2016; Galaxy Hotel, Macau, China)


1)  Acknowledge our staff your participation by registration online or email back (conf2017@glocallogisticsweb.com) the completed registration form.

2) Proceed the conference payment as soon as you receive GLW invoice. This is to secure your name on GLW one2one meeting scheduler system for meetings booking at the conference later on.

3)    Visa application, hotel room booking and flight booking

If you require a conference invitation letter for your visa application, GLW will acquire an administration charge. For details, please email us at conf2017@glocallogisticsweb.com.


GLW shall collaborate with CILF this year for their forthcoming events: Networking Day One2One Meeting, October (Shenzhen, China);

- CILF2017 Networking Day One2One Meeting (Oct 12-14, 17; Shenzhen, China) 
For more detail, please view conference website.

CILF Conference and One-on-One meetings are open to GLW member Free of Charge.

Non-GLW member might take the great advantage of CILF2017: You may become a GLW member with different levels of memberships and entitled to all the GLW benefits (see link  http://www.glocallogisticsweb.com/en/about_us.php#benefit), and you may also attend the CILF2017 free-of-charge.  

Use the Application Form below for registration and return the form to us before the due date (August 31, 2017).

If applicable, Complete in full and Send back send to GLW a
cilf2017@glocallogisticsweb.com. We shall send back a confirmation email to you with advice for following application requirements.

Please fill in the following form. Fields marked with * are mandatory.



*Name of the

*Job Title


*Contact Number

















*Company Name:




*Company Address:






Email to Glocal Logistics Web Ltd: cilf2017@glocallogisticsweb.com

 NB: Please note that GLW only acts as co-operative partners in the above-mentioned events. Therefore, we are not liable to any loss or damage caused by misrepresentation and/or administrative faults or omissions. Participants should consider their own needs and business agenda leading to their discretion of participation.


Yours sincerely,
Glocal Logistics Web Limited
Room A3, 9/F Superluck Industrial Centre (Phase 1) No 45-53 Sha Tsui Road Tsuen Wan NT Hong Kong
Tel: +852- 2370 2619               Skype: sallyclc           
Fax: +852- 2742 3396              Email:
QQ: 854728731                     Website: www.glocallogisticsweb.com
Conference website: www.glocallogisticsweb.com/en/conferences.php

P.S. You are welcome to do Email Subscription by the left side of GLW homepage


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