Glocal Logistics Web Limited (GLW) is established in 2011. GLW is a network and forum for independent, qualified, registered forwarding and logistics companies. GLW is managed with neutral basis to every member in order to build up a fair, professional and trusted business environment for our members.

"Glocal" is a hybridized concept deriving from "global" and "local". Many logistics companies take up assignments from overseas while maintaining local businesses. Such trend of business practice can be characterized as "Glocal". Our network is built by both global and local markets. Our members organically knit a "Web" where we grow together and create a safe space for each other's businesses.

GLW provides a platform and many opportunities for your company to meet different quality logistics and freight forwarder members in order to facilitate your business operation with efficiency and effectiveness.GLW saves your time to locate professional trusted logistics companies and partners.

GLW is also a member-built network. We welcome members' ideas, listen to their challenges, and we come up solutions and organize events to meet their needs. GLW is at your service.

GLW organises two to three "one on one" conferences annually which give you valuable opportunities to meet the members from different countries and confer the business in one place so as to save your valuable time and money in travelling. Meeting scheduler would be arranged according to your appointments and would be available to you before the conferences start. GLW will strategically choose the best conference venues in cities in China to benefit your companies most. Venues outside China are also in our agenda.

Management Profile

Sally Picture

Sally Ho founded Glocal Logistics Web Ltd (GLW) in April 2011. The mission of GLW is to provide quality services to meet the diverse and challenging needs faced with the forwarders and logistic professionals. Sally Ho has been in the forwarders and logistic networking business since 2007. After accomplishing the first successful conference in Xiamen, China, in September 2011, GLW started to recruit members strategically. As our services grow and mature, our membership is also expanding.


Amy Kan is GLW co-founder.

Rose Chan, Customer Service Manager

Andy Lau, Sales and Marketing